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Not Stress.


Our Purpose

is to improve the client's condition by getting to the heart of the matter, setting the strategy and implementing the plan. Whether you need to launch, scale, finance, or transform, Strugatz Ventures, Inc. is your partner in delivering quick & quality results.

We cut to the heart of the hard stuff and face the issues with you to develop whole system structures, people-first management, and profitable growth. We identify gaps and steward solutions.

We Offer


CEO Consilgiere

is a position within the leadership structure ofthe Sicilian, Calabrian and American Mafia. A consigliere is anadviser or counselor to the boss (CEO), representing the boss at important meetings within the family (company) and with othercrime families (corporations). The consigliere is a close, trustedfriend and confidant. In fact, by the very nature of the job, the consigliere is one of the few in the family who can arguewith the boss, and is often tasked with challenging the boss when needed to ensure that subsequent plans are foolproof.


CEO Consigliere & Ex-Officio Management

Problem-solving, special projects and management team participation for CEOs, Founders & executive-level leadership.

Social Finance

Capital Strategy | Investment Packages | Deal Structure | Mission-Aligned Investor Targeting

Revenue Growth

Distribution Channel Targeting & Prioritization | Sales Team Structure & Build Out | New Markets

Operational Strategy

Business Model Evolution | Identify Gaps | Implement Solutions | Family Business Dynamics

Team Building

Recruitment & On-boarding Strategy & Management

Partnerships & Positioning

Vetting, Managing & Brokering Strategic Partners, Client & Investor Relationships

Private Equity Portfolio Management for Investors

Investment Pipeline | Due Diligence | Social Portfolio Management | Mission-Aligned Returns

Industry Expertise

Food & Beverage
Social Finance
Consumer Products
Solid Waste Upcyling
Green Manufacturing
IoT/Consumer Technology
Eco Fashion & Design
Green Building & Materials


Business can be agent for social change.

It starts with building bridges between investors and entrepreneurs for deal and capital structures that maintain the integrity of the mission for the life of an investment. We help ensure that the mission endures when the company transitions into its next stage.

The approach and style of the CEO and company culture are defining. Superior cultures result in high performance companies, which are built on trust, collaboration and cultural norms. We help CEOs focus on what they do best, while building a superior team of complimentary skill sets around them, employing group intelligence to  drive the impact of the organization.

No matter the the service we provide, we always improve the condition of our clients by delivering the highest value. We promise to generate ideas that surprise with a fresh perspective, solve old problems with new solutions, and enable both investors and CEOs to feel that they have a trusted guide along the journey.


  • The road to success is always under construction.
    — Lily Tomlin
  • To be a warrior is to learn to be genuine in every moment of your life.
    — Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
  • I don't believe in heroes, I celebrate communities.
    — Daniel Berrigan
  • The only safe thing is to take a chance
    — Mike Nichols
  • I am not afraid…I was born to do this.
    — Joan of Arc
  • To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.
    — Leonard Bernstein
  • When people are kind, a different story is writte
    — Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche