Services for Impact Investors

Managing Your Pipeline

Cost effective due diligence and decision-making guidance for investment pipeline

Manage transactional closings & existing portfolio

Screen & Analysis deal flow towards high quality entrepreneurs

Comprehensive dashboards, CEO support

Independent, quick and expert term sheet and valuation advice

Identify gaps and offer paths to solutions

Review of term sheets, partner agreements, investment packages, and quick expert reply to your questions

Transaction management of investment process, resulting in lower legal and advisor fees and time saving

High performance team development support


Portfolio Management

Analysis of existing portfolio and improved portfolio tracking

Access to high quality debt and equity deal flow opportunities and entrepreneurs


Support portfolio companies

– see Services > Social Entrepreneurs

Silent Partner support and mentoring for founders and CEOs

Operating Partner/Entrepreneur-in-residence role  

Extensive network of vertical market experts and high performance service providers

Identification of strategic partners and merger/acquisition targets

Maximize revenue and margins with sales strategy, sales channel assessment and distribution partners


Beyond actual capital, we help leverage relationships and return with your portfolio companies.