–  Venture Dairy, India

 – Venture Dairy, India

  – IceStone crew

 – IceStone crew

Cost cutting is a science; revenue generation is an art form.


About us

    Strugatz Ventures is a consultancy firm specializing in strategic planning and implementation for social enterprises and investors.  

    For investors we provide services to help evaluate, build and create impact for investment portfolios.  For companies, we provide guidance on every aspect of scaling the business: capital planning, operations and sales strategy and tactics, CEO development, corporate culture and recruitment with triple bottom line experience and expertise.


    Our approach

    We believe that business should be an agent for social change, and that the best way to achieve that is by structuring companies in ways that enable them to maintain their mission while scaling to success. 

    It starts with building bridges between investor and entrepreneur for deal and capital structure to maintain integrity of mission for the life of an investment. We help ensure that the mission endures when the company transitions into its next stage,  whether through an exit or liquidation event.

    The approach and style of the CEO and a company’s culture are defining.  We believe that superior cultures result in high performance companies, which are built on collaboration and cultural norms. With our guidance CEOs focus on what they do best, while building a superior team of complimentary skill sets, employing group intelligence to  drive the impact of the organization.

    No matter what aspect of the company we focus on, we push our clients to innovation. We promise to generate ideas that surprise with a new perspective, solve old problems with new solutions, and enable both investors and CEOs to feel that they have a trusted guide along the way.